There is no question. The waters of Resurrection Bay, and Prince William Sound are truly teeming with huge fish in the deep sea and Salmon on the surface. This is a fisherman's dream come true and we can fill your coolers and your photo albums in the same trip! In the season, you'll catch Sockeye, Ling Cod, Halibut, Rockfish, Yellow Eye, Pacific Cod, King Salmon and more!

Great Bear Hunting

The Alice Ivy can take you to ports of call that see very few hunters. These lush northern forests and beaches are perfect breeding and feeding grounds for Black and Brown bear. They live on fish and blueberries and grow larger here than almost anywhere, with luxurious fur coats at trophy sizes. We know where to find them, all you have to do is book a trip!


Fantastic Deer & Ducks

Whether you are looking for a trophy buck, or just delicious, blueberry-fed blacktail venison, with our access to the most remote parts of Alaska's fjords, we can help you find your trophy in the most beautiful place on earth.  So few hunters make it to these places that the deer aren't as skittish as they are in other places, and they have abundant numbers due to many seasons of mild winter.  Book your deer or duck hunt with us today!

Onboard Amenities

There are very few vessels in Alaska with the luxury and comfort of the Alice Ivy. Enjoy 2 Queen size staterooms, 2 comfy leather couches in the Salon and a full and operational kitchen. Large refrigerator, freezer, delicious coffee, chef’s kitchen and panoramic views in every direction. The Alice Ivy is truly a luxury vessel that can not only take you where the fish are, but take you there in style and comfort.

Whale Watching

Humpback whales and Orca are often seen in the waters all around Prince William Sound and Resurrection Bay. On the Alice Ivy, we see whales on almost every trip! Sometimes near, and sometimes at a distance, wildlife is a special part of each cruise we take and the memories will last you and your group a lifetime. Come and join us!

Our Captain and Crew were amazing. We laughed, we slayed the fish, we ate like Kings, slept like babies, and everyone had an awesome time onboard.  Thank you for the great memories!

Jake L. - Wasilla, AK


Scuba Diving

The northern water aquatic life is even more varied than the tropics, and our waters are just as clear. We can take you to special spots in Prince William Sound and Resurrection Bay where visibility exceeds 10 fathoms and the undersea area is pristine and untouched! See Wolf Eels, Prehistoric Ling Cod, Magical Arctic Kelp Beds, Coral Fish and more colors than you can count!

Our Partner Lodge

If you would prefer not to stay onboard the boat, we partner with Jumping Salmon Lodge in Chenega Bay, on Evans Island. Offerring multiple large and luxurious cabins, your group or family will enjoy truly fine dining in an atmosphere of breathtaking scenery and gorgeous Amish amenities.


Calm Waters

Even the most rugged person can get seasick. The best part about a cruise onboard the Alice Ivy is that most of the area is well protected from ocean swells, and some of the best fishing is in those same calm, protected, beautiful waters! So sit back, enjoy the scenery and let us take you to a part of Alaska that will steal a piece of your heart forever.

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